Password vs No Password

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Support

Why is it optional to set a password?

Since Micronet Communities are email-based, we wanted to make it as fast as possible for members to get signed up. Since most members do not need to ever login to Micronet after they initially setup their account, we figured it should be optional to set a password.

Benefits to setting a password

If you set a password, then you will be able to login to Micronet in order to adjust your settings without needing access to your email address. This means it might be faster to access your account (as long as you remember your password).

If you set a password, you may also find peace of mind knowing that you can always login to your account to make changes even if you no longer have access to your email address. Example: you leave your current company and no longer have access to your work email address which you used to sign up for a Micronet Community.

How do you make changes to your account if you did not set a password?

If you did not set a password, you’ll access to your email address in order to login. On the login page, in stead of typing your email and password, click “Recover or Set Password”. This will email you a link that will allow you to set a password and gain access to your Micronet account.