Community Owners Match Settings

by | May 24, 2022 | Support

What is the “Owner” Rank?

Every Micronet Community has a Community Owner. This account rank indicates that they are the original admin and typically the point of contact for the community. Owners are also used to even out the match pool for introductions.

Owner Match Settings

Owners are used to even out the match pool. Owners will be removed from the match pool if there are an odd number of users in the pool. Here’s an example:

Scranton Connect has 50 Active Members. This week 25 members are in the match pool for email introductions. Since 25 is an odd number, the Community Owner is removed to make the match pool 24. Micronet will send 12 emails to the 24 members. The Community Owner will not receive an email introduction.

If you are the owner and you would like to keep yourself as the user who evens out the match pool, make sure your introduction settings are always set to “Recurring Introductions” and that the frequency is the most frequent your community offers.