Authentic Networking: Leave Salesy Behind

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Networking Guide

Imagine stepping into a room buzzing with connections waiting to be made. While some dive into genuine conversations, others dive into sales pitches. Which side holds the real treasure? Let’s uncover why authenticity beats salesiness in the world of networking.

1. Trust Trumps All:

Think about meeting someone who pushes their product from the get-go. It feels off, right? Networking relies on trust, and being salesy erodes that. Authenticity builds trust, making people more receptive to what you bring to the table.

2. Connections That Count:

Networking isn’t a race; it’s a journey to meaningful relationships. Salesy chats miss the point. Real conversations unearth shared interests and mutual gains, laying the foundation for connections that matter.

3. The Long Game Wins:

Salesy tactics might score quick wins, but networking is a marathon. Authenticity nurtures enduring relationships. Long-term partnerships, referrals, and support thrive when sincerity leads the way.

4. Respect Resonates:

Remember, networking respects others’ time. Salesy intros bulldoze this principle. Authenticity involves listening and tailoring your responses to fit their needs, showing respect for their time and goals.

5. Your Brand, Your Way:

Your reputation is gold. Authenticity polishes it. While salesiness might secure some instant deals, authenticity builds a lasting brand as someone reliable, sincere, and valuable.


In a noisy world, authenticity stands out. Networking isn’t a transaction; it’s a chance to connect, learn, and grow. Ditch the sales pitch for genuine curiosity. Watch your connections flourish, bringing success that’s truly lasting.

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