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Looking for a fresh approach to networking? Host a new type of networking group that makes it easy for local professionals to build 1-to-1 connections which lead to trust-based referrals.

Free for hosts, no credit card required

TL;DR: Why host a Micronet Group?


Flexible: Micronet gives professionals an easy way to grow a close peer network that celebrates referrals. Micronet focuses on curating 1-1 connections between members in an extremely flexible way.

Affordable: Members of a Micronet Group only pay $15/month. Hosts don’t pay anything, in fact they recieve 25% of the group’s revenue as compensation.

Charitable: 25% of the group’s revenue is donated to a local non-profit of the host’s choice.

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I’m the Director of Communities at Micronet. I can help answer any questions you might have about hosting your own Micronet Group.

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The key to referrals is relationships

Micronet is unlike any other networking group you’ve been apart of. We make it easy for professionals to focus on building strong 1-to-1 connections between a small group of members. Here’s how it work:

1. Match

After a member joins, every week the system will automatically match them with another member and connect them via email.

2. Connect

Members reply to the connection email and setup a time to connect. Most people will schedule a call, go out for coffee, or setup a web meeting.

3. Build

Members build trust with other members and offer referrals when they can. Micronet helps them stay connected a long the way.

Extremely flexible, no monthly mandatory meetings

Automatic 1-to-1 connections that lead to referrals

High value at a low membership cost of only $15/month


Limited spots, with only 1 title allowed per group

Impactful, 25% of revenue donated to local non-profit

Micronet has made thousands of connections between professionals

Here’s what our members have said about their Micronet experience…

Micronet presents great opportunities for rich networking!

Darin K.

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other group members to share/learn some valuable resources, and get involved in some upcoming events! I love this connection opportunity.

Angela B.

They have done a masterful job with this. Great way to meet new people and make connections that enhance our community.

Cody F.

I love Micronet. Thank you for providing this service!

Andrew S.

Keep doing this! It is a very valuable program.

Paula B.

I always enjoy meeting new members 1-to-1. This is a great group of people. Thank you for making this happen!

Gene L.

I like the service. It makes it very easy to connect with other members I wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to meet. It has helped me find opportunities for my clients.

Lizzie S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the expectations of a host?

Being a host of a Micronet Group is fun and very rewarding. Your efforts have a clear impact not only for business, but for your community. Here’s what you can expect from being a host:

  • Find members to participate in your group (you need at least 15 in order to get started)
  • Approve pending members
  • Monitor your group’s activity and reports and make sure your members are actively participating in the connections.
  • Choose a local non-profit to benefit (25% of your group’s revenue will be donated to this non-profit)
  • Optional: Plan a quarterly happy hour or in-person group meeting

Overall, there’s a lot of flexibility on how you decide to run your Micronet Group. Additionally we are here to help support you!

What are the expectations of a member?

Here are some expectactions and guidelines for being a member of a Micronet Group:

  • Respond to connection emails in a timely manner
  • Try to setup in-person meetings whenever possible
  • Focus on building relationships, not closing deals or making sales
  • Make referrals to other members when you can

Rules and expectations for each group are subject to change.

What does it cost?

For hosts, Micronet doesn’t cost anything!

Your members will pay $15 per month to be part of your group.

There is no annual commitment as we bill monthly. Your members can cancel at anytime.

25% of your group’s revenue is donated to a local non-profit.

Are there monthly meetings?

There are no mandatory monthly group meetings.

Since the connections are sent between two members, it is up to the two members to decide on when, where, and how they connect.

How does Micronet make the connections?

Micronet’s algorithm will match eligible members and send connections via email.

Members can receive one connection every week.

Try it for yourself!