Connect your members 1-to-1

Micronet helps networking groups create strong connections between their members via automatic, 1-to-1 connection emails.

Best part? It is automated and easy to get started.

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The key to referrals is relationships

Micronet helps the members in your group build and maintain solid 1-to-1 relationships which leads to…


Increased number of friendships


Increased camaraderie & engagement


Increased member referrals


Reduced member churn

How it works

Micronet uses email to connect your members together. Watch the video to see it in action!

Connection made...and counting!

Micronet presents great opportunities for rich networking!

Darin K.

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other group members to share/learn some valuable resources, and get involved in some upcoming events! I love this connection opportunity.

Angela B.

They have done a masterful job with this. Great way to meet new people and make connections that enhance our community.

Cody F.

I love Micronet. Thank you for providing this service!

Andrew S.

Keep doing this! It is a very valuable program.

Paula B.

I always enjoy meeting new members 1-to-1. This is a great group of people. Thank you for making this happen!

Gene L.

I like the service. It makes it very easy to connect with other members I wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to meet. It has helped me find opportunities for my clients.

Lizzie S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Micronet?

Micronet is a subscription service for organizations who want to encourage their members or employees to connect.

Here are some examples of organizations that would be a good fit for Micronet:

  • Businesses with lots of employees
  • Chamber of Commerce Organizations
  • Networking Groups
  • Professional Associations
  • Churches & Religious Organizations
How do people meet using Micronet?

After Micronet sends an email introducing two of your community members, it is then up to the two members to arrange how and when they would like to connect. Common ways members connect include scheduling a call, video conferencing, or meeting in person for a coffee or drink.

I have over 1,000 members. Is Micronet a good fit?

Micronet was built with big groups in mind! We have several features that make managing large amounts of users easy:

  • Sub-communities. Setting up sub-communities is super handy for companies with locations across time zones or with multiple campuses. Each community can each have their own set of Administrators. Users can opt in to a single community or multiple.
  • Concierge Setup. We’ll help you get started. We make it easy to integrate Micronet into your group. We can help you spread the word and make sure all of your bases are covered so that you have a successful implementation.
  • Self Registration. Easily invite users to your community and allow them to set their own preferences.
Is Micronet secure?

Micronet uses top cloud security practices to protect your member’s data and privacy. Since the Micronet Platform only sends and tracks introductions (the meetings between your members take place off of the Micronet Platform) there is very little information that needs to be stored on the Micronet platform, making it an ideal solution for organizations with strict data privacy and protection policies.

Give your networking group a new way to build strong connections.

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