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Easily help students build affinity and find connection on campus while growing the peer network they need for a successful career.

Best part? It is automated and easy to get started.

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How it works

After setting up a Micronet Community for your organization, here’s what the experience is like for your members:

Step 1

Members opt-in to your community via an email invite or by signing up online

Step 2

Members receive emails connecting them to other members

Step 3

Members typically schedule a meeting, coffee, or call


“What an amazing connection tool!”

“A nice value add! Thank you for getting people connected one to one.”

“It does the hard part of networking; making the introduction.”

“A great way to meet people you normally would not.”

“This is a great one to one networking tool. Please keep up the good work!”

“An awesome way to get to know other members.”

“A great way to meet new people, thank you for organizing.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do people meet using Micronet?

Commonly members will schedule a call, grab a coffee, or meet via a video call. Micronet gives them the flexiblity to figure out how and when they would like to connect.

How does Micronet determine who to match?

Micronet is powered by our proprietary match algorithm. The algorithm considers several data inputs including but not limited to:

  • Past match history
  • User engagement history

The algorithm has a very high satisfaction rate and as your members make more connections the alorithm gets better at matching.

Is Micronet secure?

Micronet uses top cloud security practices to protect your member’s data and privacy. Since the Micronet Platform only sends and tracks introductions (the meetings between your members take place off of the Micronet Platform) there is very little information that needs to be stored on the Micronet platform, making it an ideal solution for organizations with strict data privacy and protection policies.

How do I know if my members like it?

Micronet follows up to every connection email it sends, giving members an opportunity to provide feedback. As the admin of the community, you’ll get insight into how valuable the connections are to your members.

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