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Start a Public Micronet Community

Start connecting locals in your community or group with Micronet! You can start a group from scratch, or add on to your pre-existing networking group!

Setup a Call

We verify that your area is available, and give you all of the information you need including our onboarding checklist.

Promote Your Group

After you name your community, we help you promote it with a website and other promotional materials.

Start Connecting People

Once you’ve built up a few initial members, you can turn on your introductions and Micronet takes it from there!

Grow Your Community

Recruit and vet new members and ask your community members to refer their connections to your new community.

Featured Public Communities…

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Community Group Pricing


We are waiving license fees for Micronet to new community-based groups that want to join us as Early Adopters! Being an Early Adopter means you can use Micronet at no cost, and help us shape the software as well! The only potential cost would be if you’d like a custom website for your community with a custom domain URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can start a public Micronet Community/Group?

Anyone can start a public Micronet group, however we often see community organizations add Micronet onto their pre-existing groups. Examples of community groups include Chambers of Commerce, Young Professional Organizations, Clubs, etc…

Starting a Public Community is free? What's the catch?

Micronet started as a public community group which led to the beginnings of many other groups. We love bringing people together and giving back to the communities that got us started. We waive license fees for public community groups so we can keep it going! There’s no catch.

How do I know if my region is available?

Just setup a call and we’ll let you know!

How do people meet using Micronet?

After Micronet sends an email introducing two of your community members, it is then up to the two members to arrange how and when they would like to connect. Common ways members connect include scheduling a call, video conferencing, or meeting in person for a coffee or drink.

After starting a Micronet Community, what are my responsibilities?

After your Micronet community is up and running, you will be considered the “Owner” of the group. This means that you will have full control over how your group runs. Here are a few of the common responsibilities:

        • Recruit new members and vet them
        • Create the rules and core values for the group (we can help here!)
        • Recruit additional “Admins” who can help you grow your group and approve new members
        • Handle any disputes / disciplinary action that may arise (this doesn’t happen often)


Micro-networking is the “eventless” networking solution – I have been a part of a micro-networking group for about 3 months now and its pretty awesome! Gets you to think outside the box and opens you up to meeting lots of different people 🙂 

Amanda M.

NPlace Admin

I love that I don’t have to stress about connecting with someone. I can pour my energy into a meaningful conversation instead.

David K.

Fox Valley Connect Member

Micronet has been an awesome networking tool for professionals in the Fox Valley. After being connected through Micronet, our members have started new ventures that are now making a positive impact on our community. It’s tough to say, but these connections probably would not have been made it if was not for Micronet/Fox Valley Connect.

Eric W.

Fox Valley Connect Admin

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