Starting A Networking Club At Work

Foster collaboration by breaking down departmential silos

Working for a large company has its perks — benefits, structure, stability, resources — just to name a few!

One of the downfalls of large corporations is that employees can sometimes feel siloed to their department. Everyday they enter the same office, work at the same desk, and talk to the same people.

Humans are social beings that thrive when making new social connections. It feels great to meet new people and great things can happen like building community and collaboration. 

One of the ways corporations are breaking down silos and fostering collaboration between their employees is by starting an Employee Networking Club

What is an Employee Networking Club?

Every company is different and so Employee Networking Clubs come in many shapes and flavors, but at its core an Employee Networking Club connects employees together and encourages them to get to know each other. It’s a great way to build community amongst employees and bridge departmental silos.

If you are looking to start an Employee Networking Club within your organization, it can be easier than you might think…

How do you start an Employee Networking Club?

One of the absolute easiest ways to start an Employee Networking Club that is guaranteed to be enjoyed by employees (and get noticed by leadership) is to start a private Micronet community for your company. 

Micronet builds community and fosters collaboration between employees via automated, AI-generated email introductions. 

With Micronet it’s super easy — employees can sign up for the community and select an introduction frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). After that, Micronet sends them email introductions to other employees and encourages them to connect. 

Organizations love Micronet because of how simple it is to start getting great results. It’s also email-based so it doesn’t require a platform like Slack or Teams.

Want to learn more about Micronet and see if it could be a good fit for your company? Check it out here.