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Networking Made Easy: How Micronet Can Help Your Chamber of Commerce Grow and Retain Members

by | Jan 21, 2023 | Articles, Chambers

Looking to grow and retain your Chamber of Commerce’s membership while boosting revenues? Look no further than Micronet. Micronet is an email-based networking tool that connects your members with one another, making it a convenient and easy-to-use solution that requires no new system learning or password memorization.

A significant benefit of Micronet for Chambers of Commerce is its potential to improve member retention rates. By connecting your members with each other, they’ll feel a stronger sense of community and value from your Chamber, leading to increased satisfaction and member loyalty. Plus, since Micronet is white-labeled as your Chamber, using Micronet will contribute to how your members will view your Chamber as the source of valuable networking opportunities and connections.

But the benefits of Micronet don’t end there. Chambers of Commerce can also generate revenue from the tool by selling sponsorship placements, often at a rate more than twice the cost of the license. Additionally, Micronet can be used to generate new leads for Chamber memberships. If someone is referred to your Micronet community and they’re not currently a member, they’ll be kept as “pending” until a Chamber staff member reviews and approves their account. This provides the perfect opportunity for Chamber staff members to pitch a Chamber membership.

And because Micronet connects your members with one another, Chambers often see better turnout at their events. When someone gets connected with other Chamber members 1-on-1 via Micronet, they’re more likely to attend Chamber events. They’re not as afraid to show up alone because they know they’ll know people there. They can also bounce around the room and get warm introductions from the people they already know.

In short, Micronet is an excellent tool for Chambers of Commerce looking to grow their membership and revenue streams while improving member retention rates. It’s convenient, low-bandwidth, and provides excellent value to your members. So, don’t miss out on this must-have tool and take your Chamber to the next level with Micronet.


Fox Cities Chamber creates strong connections between members with Micronet

Fox Cities Chamber offers their members a flexible, very easy way to network with other members via Fox Cities Chamber Network Builder, which is powered by Micronet.