How to Create Connections Between Employees

Building “community” at large companies

It can be tough to build up “community” at large companies. There are many divisions, teams, and departments that may not have much if any contact with each other. But fostering this type of connection within the company is so important! MicroNet has found that great things come when employees talk to each other and collaborate. It creates new connections and sparks ideas for a variety of projects across teams. 

Using Technology to Foster Company-Wide Collaboration

Companies are turning to technology to help them with fostering collaboration across departments and employees. One of the solutions they have turned to is Micronet. Micronet uses AI to match employees together and then sends them introductions via email that encourage them to connect for a 1-on-1. 


Why Use Micronet?

With Micronet, getting started is super easy. Employees sign up for the community and select a frequency in which they would like a new introduction (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). After that, Micronet sends them emails introducing them to other employees.

Organizations love Micronet because of how simple it is to start getting great results. It’s also email-based so it doesn’t require a platform like Slack or Teams.

If you would like to learn more about Micronet’s approach and how they could help your company, then follow this link