Do you need Slack to use Donut?

Many company can’t use Here’s why.

There’s really no better way to build community and foster collaboration within your organization than to get your members talking to each other. 

When looking for ways to initiate conversations between members or employees, many companies use Donut is a tool that automatically makes introductions between teammates. Unfortunately is out of reach for many organizations… 

The reason? is only available through Slack. 

So if your company does not use Slack as your messaging platform, is not the solution for you.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative platform…and it’s better than (although we might be a little biased).

Micronet is an introduction tool that utilizes AI to make smart connections between your members.

Micronet is email-based so it is not platform dependent like (saving you the hassle and expense of setting up Slack for your organization).

Micronet vs.

If your members have email (who doesn’t these days?), you can easily implement Micronet and start building the community you’ve dreamt of for your organization.

Micronet is used by a variety of organizations like networking groups, churches, schools, small businesses, and enterprises. 

Interested in learning more? Check it out here.